Three large pools of contemporary architecture dominate the center of the amphitheatrical establishment of Carisa Maleme by the sea hotel, each one placed on a different level. The meticulous design, the finesse and the sense of luxury guarantee to provide you with a complete experience of delight throughout the day. Enjoy your swim and relax on the deck chairs, under the soothing shade of the umbrellas.


Indulge in the pleasure of accompanying your swim and your leisure by the pools with cool drinks and cocktails, taste delicious side dishes and snacks, and transform casual moments into precious vacation memories.


Give your day the perfect boost through a luscious breakfast, prepared for you by Carisa Maleme. We have created a luminous and pleasant space, with internal tables or external with a view to the pools, to start your day the best way possible.


Contact the staff at the reception for your requirements. We are glad that you have selected our hotel for your vacation and it’s our pleasure to serve you.


Merely 150m. from the hotel premises, sprawls across a vast area the beach with the crystal waters of Cretan sea. Enjoy your swim and the strong Southern sun. Our hotel provides you with beach chairs and umbrellas, ensuring a cozy and pleasant stay by the sea.