who we are

Within walking distance from the sea, in a virgin piece of land, with the breathtaking view of Lefka Ori mountain range in the background, Carisa Maleme by the sea hotel is situated.

A luxury haven in the area of Maleme Chania, in the region of Pyrgos Psilonerou, has been established to accommodate all visitors willing to indulge in an exceptional vacation experience and bask in a wide range of modern facilities, capable of satisfying the most demanding and sophisticated traveler.

Carisa Maleme by the sea hotel, merely 150m. far from the Cretan sea, promises to offer the idyllic break from everyday life, in a detail-oriented setting, focused on elegance and the warmth of Greek hospitality.

The friendly staff, the immaculate service, combined with an abundant variety of comforts and activities commit to present you with a unique experience of carefreeness and leisure.

Around Hotel

As your ideal point of departure, Carisa Maleme by the sea hotel gives you the opportunity to wander through the countless beauties of Crete.

At a distance of 200m from the establishment, there is a bus stop for public transport. From that point, you may travel to the destination of your choice, throughout the entire island.

Moreover, on the premises, you can rent cars, scooters, bicycles or choose from an interesting array of excursions and activities (scuba diving, mountain biking etc.).